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28 Nov 2014

Seven years later...

Having been locked out of my house once before, because the pins in the europrofile cylinder on the front door jammed, I decided it was time to replace the cylinder today.

There were signs of the same thing happening again, so I thought it was better to change the cylinder today and not take the risk of being locked out again. It was rather inconvenient the last time that happened, nearly seven years ago, as I had to climb through the fence to gain access via a different door.

27 Nov 2014

Phil Hughes: RIP

Ordinarily I have little interest in the 'gentlemans game' of cricket, but I am very saddened indeed to read that the Australian cricketer, Phil Hughes, has succumbed to the injuries he sustained earlier this week. I am also sad for his family, friends and colleagues, who must now bear this loss.

The news was not a great surprise, given the pictures of the incident and the grave nature of the reports from the hospital, but it was saddening nevertheless. I don't like to see such things happening in the sporting arena, whatever the contest.

Look out, it's Black Friday...

It is 'Black Friday' tomorrow, the day after Thanksgiving in the USA when there are apparently some bargains to be found in the stores.

That's if you can get anywhere near them and don't get yourself shot in the process of trying. Frankly, 'Black Friday' sounds like an experience that is best avoided to me. These so-called bargains are not worth fighting over.

What is even crazier though, is that retailers in the UK feel that they have to hold a 'Black Friday' sale too, despite the fact that we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK. It is all due to Amazon importing the tradition in 2010, effectively forcing other retailers to do likewise. The UK copying what is clearly a problem in the USA makes no sense to me...

26 Nov 2014

Royal Bloomin' Cheek...

Clearly not satisfied with the small fortune that was raised during the recent Poppy Appeal, The Royal British Legion have dropped a begging letter through my letterbox this morning. Christmas was the excuse this time, just as it was from the RNLI last week and probably somebody else next week.

This latest envelope included a completely unsolicited CD by the Central Band of the Royal British Legion, entitled Christmas Tidings of Joy, and a message from Alistair Stewart OBE who is a well known and popular TV newsreader in the UK. There was also a letter from Charles Byrne, the Director of Fundraising at the Royal British Legion, plus the inevitable form requesting my credit card details and a donation of £20 to £25 or more...

So I thought I would take a closer look at this...

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