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Friday, 22 August 2014

Hey Dude...

Nicely proving that one learns something every day as a Blogger, was this great post from Rebekah about becoming an officially ordained Dudeist.

No I hadn't heard of Dudeism either, but it intrigued me so I followed the links and checked it out. You should too, as it is a laugh a minute. The best bit though is that anybody can apply to be ordained within the 'Church of the Latter Day Dude'. If your application is approved, which seems to be guaranteed if you tick the right boxes, you become an officially ordained Dudeist Priest. They're very laid-back about the whole business of ordination and it doesn't cost you a bean.

Once ordained, I think you can even marry people in some parts of the USA. How cool is that...?

What's your Poison...?

Well that wasn't quite what I had intended to happen last night. Finishing a whole litre of fortified wine (15%) in one session is not recommended. Naturally I made myself unwell. How these youngsters manage to binge drink like that every weekend beats me. And they say they enjoy it...?!!

What happened was that I went downstairs for a mug of hot Chocolate, filled the kettle and turned it on. Then I turned it off again, because I remembered that I had a bottle of Sainsbury's fortified Wine in the cupboard. I'll have a glass of that I thought, which I did, then took the bottle upstairs to where I was working on the computer.

Big mistake, because before I knew it half a bottle had gone. It's a lovely drink.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

The World has gone mad...

Wherever you look at the moment, the news is thoroughly depressing.

If it's not Gaza, it's ISIS.

If its not Ukraine, it's Libya.

If it's not David Cameron, it's Ed Miliband.

Meanwhile, around the world people are throwing buckets of ice cold water over themselves, as if there's nothing more important to worry about....