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22 Nov 2014

Flowers in the Gloom...

It is a dull, damp and very depressing day where I live, not helped by the fact that I couldn't sleep and got up early. It is going to be a very long day.

However I was pleased to see that there is still some colour in my garden. This wintering flowering clematis is quite well established and is in full bloom now, having endured & survived the hot dry, conditions of summer.

It is a actually very welcome sight today and should continue to bear pale lemon blooms until February.

20 Nov 2014

Investigating tsu

I've seen lots of posts on Google+ recently, inviting me to join a new social networking site named tsū, which promises to pay its users for the social content that they share. About time too, was my reaction when I first heard about this.

Somewhat inevitably, the first invitations that I received were attached to a picture of a very pretty girl and were from somebody named Sandy Beach (sigh!).

Naturally I was very suspicious of those invitations, some people try a bit too hard, but after I commented about those pictures and my suspicions, the pretty girls seem to have become pretty flowers instead. Lol...

19 Nov 2014

A long day in the garden

The weather has been rather nice here for the last couple of days, it has actually stopped raining for the moment, so I decided to get out into the garden today and do a job that I've been putting off all year. Reduce the height of the Hawthorn hedge at the back of my garden.

I allowed it to grow to approximately 8 foot a few years ago, to give the greenhouse some protection from the wild ball games and the mad trampolining that were happening on the other side of the hedge, but those games seem to have stopped now. Thank goodness...

I presume that the kids have grown up and discovered girls & cars instead...?

18 Nov 2014

Sensitive Tooth....?

Further to yesterdays successful post about earwax, I continue with the health theme and share an observation on teeth.

I have noticed over the last few weeks, that a problem I was having with a sensitive tooth seems to have cleared up. I can know drink hot or cold fluids quite comfortably, without feeling that that my skull has been hit by a sledgehammer.

That's good of course, but what has happened to cause this very welcome improvement...?

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