3 Jul 2015

Following Freemasonry...

I've been trawling through Twitter over the last few days & hours, looking at various timelines related to Freemasons and FreeMasonry and assembling those that I have found into a list.

I was doing this just out of curiosity really, trying to see if there was any mention of certain people who I know to be Freemasons and perhaps also to understand the movement a little better, but I was very aware that what I see on Twitter is only what the world is allowed to see.

I suspect there's a lot more going on behind the scenes in these Masonic movements than outsiders like like me will ever be party to.

2 Jul 2015

Getting the best from my Air Cooler...

That Dalek-like Evaporative Air Cooler that I purchased last year has had a really good test over the last couple of days, as temperatures have been up into the 30's in the UK.

I was a little late in purchasing it it last year, as the scorching weather had eased by then, but I did get a little taste of what it would do and I wasn't terribly impressed.

I'm still not terribly impressed to be honest, but I can now see the best way of using it.