27 Jul 2015

Beware of the Uniform Benefits claims companies

One of the most objectionable mailings that I've seen recently, from the parasites in the UK's claims industry, is this one entitled Uniform Tax Rebate.

Completely unsolicited, as always, the official looking letter dropped through my letterbox on Friday. More accurately two of them did, with each mailing bearing different claim numbers.

That immediately told me who shared their mailing list with my details on it, so I won't be buying from them either...!

24 Jul 2015

Rainy day in the Garden

I am slightly soggy whilst sat here blogging at the moment, having been outside in the garden, fiddling & mucking around (or something like that) whilst it was raining.

I am sure my neighbours must think that I am a complete nutter, because I tend to stay inside more and am rarely seen outside when it is nice & sunny. I dislike hot days, as they sap my energy and I burn easily.

My excuse for being outside today, is that it is the first seriously wet day that we have had in nearly 2 months...!

22 Jul 2015

Musical Tesla Coils

As you may have seen, I was thoroughly entranced over the weekend, when I tripped over a video clip of some musical Tesla Coils playing 'Sweet Home Alabama'.

Although these 'instruments', sometimes referred to as a Zeusaphone, have been around since 2007 I've never really paid them much attention. They were just a gimmick really, so went out of my mind pretty quickly on the couple of occasions I have seen snippets of them on TV news programmes etc. All of which were a long time ago now....

But this one particular video did hold my attention right to the end and got me searching for more on YouTube. Which is no mean achievement, given my short attention span these days....