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21 Dec 2014

Same God, Different Channel...

Anybody who really knows & understands me will appreciate how much of a psychological effort this required, trust me it was massive, but I did manage to get myself to that 'Candlelight Carol Service' in Hedge End this evening.

Held in the Methodist Church down the road, I thought I would make the effort to go as they put such a polite and welcoming invitation through my door a couple of weeks ago.

I had also noticed a big sign outside which proclaimed that the church was about 'friendship rather than ritual' and frankly, after 27 years living within sight of the building I thought it was about time I showed my face and set foot inside.

20 Dec 2014

Christmas starts here...

Invite from the Methodist Church
It has been a most unusual week and I am still in the process of getting myself back into routine after a couple of crazy days and some very late nights. I now find myself in Christmas mode, which officially starts on 19th December in this household.

Prior to that date, I think it is far too early to be consumed by the festive season. The two weeks at the end of December is more than enough of Christmas for me. I don't want to overdo these celebrations. Perish the thought...!

19 Dec 2014

A very long day...

The venue for the Council Meeting, a local Church...!
Fortunately I didn't crawl out of bed until 10:40am yesterday morning, as I subsequently had a very long afternoon and evening which extended well into the night. I finally went to bed at 5am this morning and needless to say it was 10:40 am before I got up again today.

The local Tories will start accusing me of being a layabout benefits scrounger, if I carry on like this for much longer...!

My reason for the late night is that I attended the Full Council meeting of Eastleigh Borough Council. It was being held within easy walking distance of where I live, so it was convenient for me to get there and report on what happened for Eastleigh News.

17 Dec 2014

Tesco "Haul"...

It is tough being a male blogger as some ideas for popular blog postings are usually closed to me.

I cannot really do a "what's in my bag" type post as I don't carry a bag.

Neither can I reasonably do beauty & fashion posts, as I tend to dress like a scarecrow.

It is also difficult to do shopping "haul" type posts.

Not that I usually want to to do any of those kind of postings, but I was quite pleased with my "haul" from Tesco this evening so I thought I would share it with you, just this once, just for a laugh.....

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